An Introduction to Liposuction

Liposuction is one of the most commonly used surgical procedures today. This term describes the surgical elimination of excess fat with one main objective – providing a better shape and appearance of the body. There are many people who are constantly gaining and losing weight. This process often leaves certain parts of the body with stubborn deposits of undesired fat that are very difficult to break down even with a good exercise and diet plans.  Unfortunately these stubborn fat region are basically determined by genetics.

For example, some men and women, no matter how much aerobics they do or abs exercises they perform; they will never achieve that  flat tone abdominal wall.  While some people can easily achieve it because genetically there fat is deposited elsewhere in there body like their thighs or buttocks.

Let’s take a situation like pregnancy as an example. Having a baby means frequent changes in terms of weight. The body is changing all the time too. Even after trying to manage weight gain and exercising to improve the shape of the body, many new moms find it difficult to recover. The good news is the plastic surgery procedures, known as Mommy Makeover, can help. Liposuction is part of the Mommy Makeover procedure. This procedure is used for the removal of the excess fat (also called muffin top) formed above the navel.

With the help of liposuction, patients can get permanent elimination of unwanted fatty cells. Nowadays, there are many different techniques like power-assisted lipoplasty, ultrasound-assisted lipoplasty, the tumescent technique, the super-wet technique and the VASER technique that make this process even simpler.

Why you need a top doctor like Dr. Afridi?

First off you want a board certified plastic surgeon.  They go through extra training and specialization to get you the best possible outcomes.   Many of the cheaper unscrupulous doctors will preform the procedure regardless of your:

  • age
  • skin elasticity
  • realistic expectations
  • Dr. Nadia will always give you an expert opinion.  You shoud always ask the following questions
  • Is the procedure is right for you?  
  • How many procedures has the doctor done?
  • How many complications has she has?
  • What are the complications?

Why worry about complications?

I think it just shocking to see when you see horror stories of people going abroad to save money on plastic surgery.  Often the damage done is very difficult to reverse?  If your going to get yourself involved in surgery, you want the best surgeon.  A good plastic surgeon will get you better results, as well as control any possible complications.

Is the doctor available after the procedure?

After Surgery Dr. Afridi will give you her personal cell phone number where you can reach her anytime after the procedure?  How many doctors would do this for a patient?  Not many, i can assure you.  Most doctors barely have email.

It is worth mentioning that liposuction is suitable for most patients. However, the best results are witnessed in patients who have skin with good elasticity. In other words, the older the skin is, the more possible complications.

Who is a good candidate for liposuction?

In order to become a suitable candidate for this special type of surgery, you should learn more about the procedure itself. In most cases, patients that have localized fat in some of these parts of the body are usually the best candidates for this surgical procedure:

- Upper arms

- Cheeks, neck, and jowls

- Abdomen and waist

- Outer and inner thighs

- Buttocks and Hips

- Back

- Chest and breast areas

- Ankles and calves

- Inner knee

Is liposuction a substitute for proper eating or diet?

No if you can't control your weight and you are obese you will gain the fat back in the problem area.   To make the results permanent you must be committed to eating healthy and maintaining a good healthy body weight.   Liposuction is good only for problem areas like excess fat in certain areas.

 This is also not a treatment that you should use to fight cellulite. The liposuction surgery is focused on reducing concentrated deposits of fat that cannot be eliminated with the help of physical exercise and diet. The optimal from this surgical procedure are obtained in individuals who implement proper nutrition and physical activity in their everyday activities.

Due to the fact that not all people have the same level of skin elasticity or body type, there is no universal expectation about the final results. Individuals who are suffering from health issues like diabetes, lung disease or heart disease have more chances of experiencing complications.  This is why it is important to pick a honest and compassionate doctor like Dr. Nadia Afridi.

Possible side effects, complications and risks

The good news is that the number of issues and complications associated with liposuction is very low. According to official statistics, thousands of people are having this procedure every year and the vast majority of them have no issues. Of course, those planning on undergoing this procedure should learn about the potential risks and side effects.

Some of the most common, yet rare complications and issues associated with liposuction include infections, bleeding and anesthesia reactions. There is also a possibility of blood accumulation right under the skin.  It’s good to point out that skin numbness is typical for liposuction after the procedure is finished, but this feeling is just temporary. However, in a small number of patients, the numbness lasts for a longer period of time and some of them experience skin discoloration in the areas that were treated. There are efficient treatments that can solve these issues.

An overview of the procedure

Liposuction relies on a cannula (a thin tube) which is utilized to break down the fat. After that, the special machine is suctioning out the excess fat. As previously mentioned, there is more than one technology for removal of fat. Some surgeons use more than one method, so you should feel free to discuss the benefits and downsides of each method.

Why a plastic surgeon skill is important

What is known for sure is that the most reputable surgeons are not trying to suction all the fat content. In fact, some of the fat content is left to ease the sculpting and toning of the body once the excess fat is eliminated. Different body parts react in a different way to this surgical procedure. In case some of your skin is hanging before the procedure, you should also consider thigh lift, tummy tuck, full body lift and arm lift.

The importance of using the services of a good surgeon

There is more than one good reason why you should opt for a good surgeon when it comes to liposuction. To start with, in case the surgical procedure is not conducted carefully then you can expect too much or too few of the fat to be removed. As a result of this mistake, you won’t be able to get the figure that you have always dreamed about easily. Next, experiencing side effects and complications during liposuction surgery is not common, but without a good surgeon, you will definitely increase the chances of experiencing one. In addition, a good surgeon will explain all the possible risks related to this surgery, and he or she will also determine whether you are a suitable candidate for such surgery. Finally, the best surgeons are here to prepare the patients, conduct the procedure and help them recover in a quick and proper manner.

How long can people enjoy the effects of this surgery?

As long as you keep the postoperative body weight, you can expect to enjoy the final results of this common surgical procedure. What is even better is that even if you gain some weight (4-5 pounds), it is very likely that this weight will be distributed in a better way over the body.

Liposuction has proven to be an efficient and helpful surgical procedure for thousands of people.